About our company

Helico Service Inc, originally began in 1988 as a commercially certified Transport Canada helicopter spray service.  Over the years, it’s founder, Benoit Tétreault, added fixed wing aircraft to it’s fleet for the protection of apple orchards, corn, and other agricultural production in the Rougemont and Sorel regions in southwestern Quebec.

Additionally, Hélico Service has been working with SOPFIM for over 25 years in the research and development of a sustainable aerial spray program for the control of the spruce budworm.  Starting in 1995 and for six consecutive years, Hélico Service contributed to the development of spruce budworm control techniques in testing of biological insecticide Bacillus Thuringiensis with GPS guidance and spray systems.  

Today, Hélico Service works with operators, pilots, ground managers, and aircraft maintenance engineers across Canada to contribute to the annual spruce budworm program in it’s home province of Quebec.